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The whistling of the wind through the rigging sounded like funereal wailings. We should look after our parents. He waited until she came. It is dangerous for you to travel to a foreign country by yourself.

Does Miriamne speak French fluently? I was thrilled. Clem spent the whole afternoon playing tennis. If the birds of prey want someone's blood, if they want to go on draining the Brazilian people, I offer my life as a holocaust. The girl is really hungry.

All this brings up new questions. Why did she do that? She broke up with her boyfriend, that is why she often tries to kill herself. The event came about like this. Vincent was in agony. This train is made up of seven cars.

Accidental damage isn't covered by the warranty. You don't need to be afraid. Were you unlucky? The situation has gotten out of my control. Nothing is going as expected. The sun is shining in my face. I don't know whether to go away or to stay where I am. Stop resting your elbows on the table.

He knows almost nothing about that animal. Allow three weeks for delivery. Money could not be converted into capital if wage labour did not exist. Nobody trusts Dean anymore. Life is all about filling up the emptiness inside. Work, alcohol, music, we all have our ersatz of love. This is a very good restaurant, and with an excellent environment, as well. Do you seriously believe that? I can't really describe it. Please lead me to Ho Chi Minh Open University!

Do you remember the time we went to Paris? Where are the forks? Ranjit looked like he was relaxed. I'll need to think about it. I'll try to come up with another way to word it. The cause of death was a heart attack. This isn't cheap. You're a bright boy. It's late. You have to go home.

That's not the kind of thing Rainer would do. Do abbots mow hay? Abbots never mow hay. Abbots pray! She is prepared for the interview tomorrow. I don't know how to interpret his words. As soon as the game started, it began to rain. Can't you see Darryl is here to help us?

Have you finished packing yet? I can't find the news. The teacher said, "Please review chapters 3 through 11 for the upcoming quiz." She got a nose job. Jacobson pulled into the gas station and turned off his engine. The plane flew over Kate's house.

Be careful. You might hurt yourself with a screwdriver. Terrance is in no mood for jokes. He is often late for school on Mondays. Seriously. We're going to have to do something about this. Tandy is still in shock. We have very strict guidelines here. We're here tonight for a good cause. I have an interesting curriculum vitae! Where are the showers? That student knows some English.

He is so clever that he could answer the question. Julie became desperate. Andrew drank a shot. I heard it. Who did you vote for in the election? Under no circumstances can we accept checks. Since I hadn't seen Martha for several months, I went to visit her yesterday. It's absolutely wrong. A good knowledge of numerical analysis, stochastic calculus and programming in C++ is important for a job in banking my lecturer said. Where did the little kids come from?

Cherries are red. Birds are singing here and there in the park. Who's this dapper young man? Barton does weight training. Sassan wanted to learn how to read. He engaged her as an interpreter. She put lots of sugar in the coffee. I realized I wasn't ready.